Bring back our Fishing Rights!


Phil Ray and Phil Cunnington of UKIP Wokingham join forces with Maidenhead members campaigning to repatriate UK fishing waters.

As part of holding the Government’s feet to the fire over Brexit, UKIP Wokingham took part in a day of action in Theresa May’s own back yard.

The UK fishing industry were treated with disdain by Edward Heath when he handed over our fishing waters to the EU when we joined in the 1970’s. This has decimated our industry and many former fishing ports have little more than memories of an industry which saw us self sufficient and net exporters of fish.

Phil Ray, Chairman of Wokingham UKIP, said “Here is our opportunity to try and put right the damage done to our fishing communities. We are putting the case to Theresa May and her Brexit team that repatriation of our fishing waters should be a priority in their Brexit negotiations. It seems the people of Maidenhead agree as they have been really supportive today.”