Thank you for your support and Season’s greetings

by Phil Cunnington – Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Wokingham

I would like to thank you to the people of Wokingham and especially the people of Norreys ward, where I live, for their support and encouragement during the last year.

2014 cemented the UK Independence Party as a serious contender and winner of both National and local elections.  It is clear for all to see that a vote for UKIP can mean you get UKIP.  In Wokingham we camechristmas second in a number of wards which shows that local people can vote with confidence that their vote can make a difference.

Next year can be remembered as a year when the people of our great Country find their voice and the representation they need in the governance of the Nation.

I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting door to door through this year and am looking forward to meeting more.  I will be holding a number of Q&A sessions in the coming months, so look out for one in your area, pop in and say hello.  If you have a concern or a question, I wil be happy to talk with you.

Finally, to all residents of the Wokingham constituency a very happy Christmas and a successful, prosperous and healthy New Year.

We remember those who have died, we must also remember those who live.

by Phil Cunnington – Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Wokingham

It’s now a week since we remembered all those who have given their lives in service of our Country to protect our freedom and our right to self-determine.

wokingham remembrance parade 2015

Wokingham Remembrance Day Parade

I would like to bring to attention those who live among us having survived conflicts around the world, having served our Country selflessly, who have now returned to civilian life. Those who are the primary beneficiaries of the money collected by poppy sales and donations.

They stand proudly displaying their medals and regimental badges and are looked upon warmly and appreciatively by the gathering public. We know them as Military Veterans.

However, many of these men and women continue to be affected by common problems, such as anxiety, low mood, unhealthy drinking and the impact of traumatic memories. Yet it is quite common to hear of veterans who have never really spoken about their military experiences.

In the NHS, stoicism is well known to be both beneficial and problematic.  Beneficial because people don’t run to NHS services at the slightest sniffle and can self-manage many illnesses and conditions; Problematic because in some circumstances it can mean the opportunity for early intervention is missed and recovery is more difficult to achieve from a worse starting position, or some can suffer unnecessarily for the sake of ‘not bothering the doctor’.

The physical disabilities suffered are often clear to see and the problems they cause are more readily accepted although the effect on mental wellbeing is not so easily understood.

Ex-servicemen and women are by their very nature a proud and resilient community, and so many do not seek or accept assistance until their condition has worsened over a period of many years. Often it is family and friends who see the signs of these problems and it is important to make it easy to find help.

The transition to ‘civvy street’, whilst often difficult, has seen most veterans settle comfortably into everyday life without a problem, or they have overcome any difficulties themselves or with the help and support of their family and friends.  However, this isn’t always the case.

The end of military service can be incredible disabling.  It’s not just the end of a job.  It’s the loss of comradeship with those who would risk their life for each other mutually; the loss of understanding – you are no longer surrounded by people who share your memories and experiences; the loss of structure – control over your day to day life; the loss of support for you and your family, including housing; the gaining of time – time which needs to be filled.

Up and down the Country, the British Legion, SSAFA, Combat Stress and a host of other charitable organisations provide support and guidance for those leaving the Armed Forces whether because their term is finished or because of injury or illness.  In truth, for decades these were the only support because government saw the last service pay-cheque as the end of their responsibility.

There has been some change with the introduction of the Armed Forces Covenant in 2011 and its subsequent adoption by some Local Authorities and Public Services. Yet, for many in government they see this covenant as a job finished and have put it to one side.

It is not finished. It is a job only just started and it must be continued.

UKIP are determined to build upon the Military Covenant and Mike Hookem MEP, UKIP Defence spokesperson, delivered a speech at the UKIP conference in September in which he announced the following policy measures:

  • UKIP will guarantee those who have served in the Armed Forces for a minimum of 12 years a job in the police force, prison service or border force if they can’t find employment
  • UKIP will change the points system for social housing to give priority to ex-service men and women and those returning from active service
  • A Veterans Department will bring together all veterans services to ensure servicemen and women receive the after-service care they deserve
  • Veterans are to receive a Veterans’ Service Card to ensure they are fast tracked for mental health care and services, if needed
  • All entitlements will be extended to servicemen recruited from overseas

This is the policy approach I was yearning to hear and that confirms to me yet again I have joined and am working with a party that is for the people.


for info: Phil is General Manager of an NHS Mental Health Service in Hampshire

The South Central Veterans Service has been set up by the NHS (alongside other services across the Country) to help with mental health problems experienced by military veterans and, whilst having limited funding, at least offers some opportunity for dealing with these problems alongside other NHS mental health services.

25 Erleigh Road, Reading , RG1 5LR
Phone: (0118) 9296426
Other Contact Info: CPE: 0300 365 0300
or email:



Meet the Wokingham UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Wokingham constituency

Phil Cunnington

Hi, I’m Phil Cunnington and I am standing to represent the people of Wokingham as a UKIP Member of Parliament.

For years a floating voter, who could never find a party to adequately fit my political beliefs, the last few elections had seen me vote UKIP because since the Single European Act the EU, and its aim for political and monetary union, is detrimental to the future prosperity of the UK.

The Maastricht treaty in 1992 was for me the ultimate treachery when John Major signed it without a referendum for the British people.

I originally viewed UKIP as a party of protest against the EU made up of slightly eccentric characters.

UKIP has now developed into a party for the unrepresented majority who have found themselves frustrated by the continuing reign of the ‘political class’.
This fired my enthusiasm to join the party, get involved and stand up for what I believe. The fact that previous Labour as well as Conservative voters and politicians are switching to UKIP shows me that it is a party the political landscape of the UK has needed for some time and represents points of view previously ignored by the political elite. Not left and right but right and wrong!

The brazen abuse of the Parliamentary expenses system by MPs to enrich themselves with our money, their disregard for our views for the Country and their false promises to the electorate on EU referendums, the NHS, university fees – in fact saying anything to get elected – has helped fuel the growth of UKIP to where it is today and a distrust of the political class and a feeling that they are ignored.

Well, I’m here to say their votes do count.  Far too late the main political parties are waking up to the fact they should have been talking to all of us about our financial situation, our hopes and aspirations.  But offering piecemeal half-hearted pledges which they will not implement because even if they wanted to, the EU wouldn’t let them, offers further opportunity for them to let the people down.

Today, UKIP is a party of the people. With common sense policies that people understand and have been discussing for years but traditional politicians never addressed because of misplaced political correctness or political ideology.

We know what we think about the state of the nation, money, jobs, healthcare, education, keeping the lights on, immigration, protecting our green space, the EU and more.

With a full set of policy proposals for 2015, UKIP are standing up for and with the people and shouting ‘ENOUGH!’

To see my video message to voters click here

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