Meet the Wokingham UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Wokingham constituency

Phil Cunnington

Hi, I’m Phil Cunnington and I am standing to represent the people of Wokingham as a UKIP Member of Parliament.

For years a floating voter, who could never find a party to adequately fit my political beliefs, the last few elections had seen me vote UKIP because since the Single European Act the EU, and its aim for political and monetary union, is detrimental to the future prosperity of the UK.

The Maastricht treaty in 1992 was for me the ultimate treachery when John Major signed it without a referendum for the British people.

I originally viewed UKIP as a party of protest against the EU made up of slightly eccentric characters.

UKIP has now developed into a party for the unrepresented majority who have found themselves frustrated by the continuing reign of the ‘political class’.
This fired my enthusiasm to join the party, get involved and stand up for what I believe. The fact that previous Labour as well as Conservative voters and politicians are switching to UKIP shows me that it is a party the political landscape of the UK has needed for some time and represents points of view previously ignored by the political elite. Not left and right but right and wrong!

The brazen abuse of the Parliamentary expenses system by MPs to enrich themselves with our money, their disregard for our views for the Country and their false promises to the electorate on EU referendums, the NHS, university fees – in fact saying anything to get elected – has helped fuel the growth of UKIP to where it is today and a distrust of the political class and a feeling that they are ignored.

Well, I’m here to say their votes do count.  Far too late the main political parties are waking up to the fact they should have been talking to all of us about our financial situation, our hopes and aspirations.  But offering piecemeal half-hearted pledges which they will not implement because even if they wanted to, the EU wouldn’t let them, offers further opportunity for them to let the people down.

Today, UKIP is a party of the people. With common sense policies that people understand and have been discussing for years but traditional politicians never addressed because of misplaced political correctness or political ideology.

We know what we think about the state of the nation, money, jobs, healthcare, education, keeping the lights on, immigration, protecting our green space, the EU and more.

With a full set of policy proposals for 2015, UKIP are standing up for and with the people and shouting ‘ENOUGH!’

To see my video message to voters click here

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