Pollstation — EU Referendum

Have you seen this?

An independent completely neutral website that aims to put both sides of the argument impartially and without bias.

It then invites readers to cast their vote for Remain, Leave or Undecided.  Over 32000 people have voted so far.  This will continue to run up until the Referendum and it records all voters and allows people to change their mind.   How does the voting currently stand?

Leave 80%     Remain 15%    Undecided 5%

If you want to look and vote yourself use this link


Or just Google “Pollstation”.

This is how the site describes itself and its aim :—

“Pollstation’s aim is simple.  We want to inform and inspire people to get involved.

In our briefing we’ve broken down the debate into 10 key areas with each one examining how the EU is involved, why people think that involvement is good or bad and what might change if we stay or leave.

So how are we different from other websites that will be reporting on the Referendum?

We’re 100% committed to neutrality. We’re not looking for headlines or pursuing any agenda to keep sponsors and advertisers happy. We haven’t been paid to work on this, and we’re not backed by vested interests.

We’ve gone out of our way to make everything on the site really easy to navigate and share. Every chart, quote and viewpoint can be shared directly on social media.  Our open poll (coming soon) can also be shared, producing an image of the live result when you click it.

Finally, we’re gathering a large selection of viewpoints from key influencers in the debate – many of whom have given us an exclusive statement – so you can see who thinks what and why.  We also have some other exciting developments coming very soon, such as our ‘vote calculator’ which can help you decide what policy areas matter the most to you.”