EU Helps the UK

How the EU Helps the UK !!??

EU loan to boost Turkey factory – and close Southampton’s Swaythling plant

You cannot believe it.  The EU loans money to Turkey to enable them to take jobs away from Britain and close British factories.

Do not judge the EU by what it says and what Cameron says — judge the EU by it’s actions.  The EU seems bent on crippling the UK.

 Uproar among Southampton Euro MPs and unions.

Meeting at the (EU) bank’s headquarters in Luxembourg – a striking glass-roofed building, its 28 directors and 12 alternate directors signed off up to €190m of funding for a Ford Transit factory in Turkey.


“MILLIONS of pounds of taxpayers’ money is being spent to expand a Ford manufacturing plant in Turkey while the car maker is cutting hundreds of jobs in Britain.

Ford announced last month that the production of Ford Transit vans in Southampton would cease next July with the loss of more than 500 jobs. Further posts will be lost as a result of the closure of stamping and tooling operations in Dagenham, east London.

Despite that, an £80m loan to Ford Otosan, which runs the Turkish plant in partnership with Ford, was approved by the European Investment Bank (EIB) in June.”   Sunday Times 4 Nov 2012

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