Wokingham UKIP Talks Defence

UKIP Defence Spokesman and MEP, Bill Etheridge, made a visit to Wokingham on Friday to discuss Defence with UKIP members from across the area.

The team of spokesmen appointed by UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall are taking the opportunity to understand the views and harvest the knowledge in certain subjects which is held within the UKIP membership.

The event was held at the Holiday Inn, Reading and many of those taking part were ex-servicemen and women from all three military forces with vast experience from a range of roles in many different theatres of action.


Bill was introduced by Wokingham UKIP Chairman Phil Ray who reminded us all of the military connections around the local community from the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Aldermaston, to the Military Academy at Sandhurst, to the Household Cavalry and Coldstream Guards at Windsor and the various Battalions at Aldershot.


Productive and informative discussions took place around the state of the UK’s military; Trident missile defence; battlefield resources; new Naval ships and aircraft; and military veterans amongst many others.

Bill assured those present that all their input was valuable and encouraged them to continue to communicate their views and knowledge to ensure that UKIP Defence policy is appropriate, representative and pertinent.

A valuable evening and hopefully the first of many on different subjects.

One comment

  • paul coleman

    I attended this event and would agree that it was an enjoyable and informative evening. Several things impressed me in particular:
    Bill Etheridge was an excellent guest speaker simply because he quickly empathised with the audience in encouraging discussion, and was clearly interested in hearing the views and suggestions from the members present. Bill certainly demonstrated that UKIP is “the party of the people” and rather than being a detached politician that has to toe a party line, he emphasised that he was interested in representing the ideas and opinions of the UKIP membership.
    Similarly impressive was the knowledge of the audience members who obviously attended not just because of their interest, but also to share their experience and knowledge in UK defence issues. Many members voiced their concerns and this was in many cases supported by their first hand experience of being in the armed forces.
    I think that UKIP will succeed locally by the Wokingham Branch organising further meetings during the year where members can engage with other party members and contribute their ideas and opinions, as they did on Friday evening. If we do this, I hope that an increasing number of members will contribute their ideas and become more involved in making Wokingham UKIP more active and vibrant.